Enjoy a massage in Saint Gervais after a hard day on the ski slopes

We come to you so you can stay in the warm and have your massage in the comfort of your Chalet, Hotel or Apartment knowing you are safe in the massage therapists hands as they hold an accredited Massage qualification, have excellent experience and hold public and professional insurance for your safety.

What Massage should you choose?

Deep tissue massage is perfect after a long day on the hill having fun! Most of us have aching muscles that need that stiffness massaged away so we can walk down the stairs the following morning.  

Our team are also able to help those who really just want to relax after skiing all day. You can float away while having an Aromatherapy massage or Relaxation massage....its pure bliss to switch off while on Holiday

We also offer Swedish massage which is an excellent treatment for everyone in Saint Gervais; young or old, fit or unfit, sporty or non sporty. We can all benefit from having our muscles loosened and will feel ready to tackle another day up the mountain with reduced fatigue and stiffness in our body. Our massage therapists have an excellent experience and know just the right amount of pressure to apply to relax your muscles and soothe away those aches.

Have a look at our Prices, our massage treatments are great value for money.

If you would like to book an amazing massage in Saint Gervais, please log in here to book.

We have Louise available for Deep tissue Massage, Swedish massage, Relaxation massage and Aromatherapy on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm until 8pm